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Mark Mosier, Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic

"Signs of Life"

Come ride along with the crew from Station 4. You'll respond to heart attacks, gunshot victims, and major car crashes all in a non-stop heart pounding pace. Lives will be changed, lives will be lost and lives will be saved. You have the front row seat to it all. Experience the emotion and drama that plays out in this world we call EMS.

​​Can the men and women who dedicate their lives to this endeavor really make a difference?

If you've ever wanted to peer through the 'window' into the world of EMS, this is your opportunity.​​
Whether you're considering a career in EMS or just have the innate curiosity we ALL have, you're in the right place.​​

It's about to get very real..."Signs of Life"...

                                  A must for any EMS library.

12.95 plus tax S&H USPS Priority